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Leonardo da Vinci Models with

Augmented Reality Experiences


See the illustrious handcrafted working models (by Roberto Guatelli and Joe Mirabella) representing da Vinci's famous designs and inventions including bridges, helicopters, self-propelling automobiles, variable speed gears, massic cranes, building designs, weighting systems, and more.  

You can also experience the exhibit using augmented reality technology where Leonardo himself will accompany you - as your personal virtual guide.  This unique experience will give you insights into how the machines were made and allow you to take pictures and send them through email or post on social media.  This experience was made possible through the development work of  CTA who generously donated usage rights for visitors to the Long Island Science Center.  CTA is an award-winning technology pioneer in the fields of augmented and virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence. To learn more you may visit their website at: