Earth Science

We have Earth Science program options that are appropriate for a range of grades from Pre-K-8th grade. The content and project for each program is tailored to your grade level. All classes can be conducted in both English and Spanish. To find out more or to book a program, click the inquire button below.


Paleontology - dinosaurs

How big were dinosaurs? Did dinosaurs care for their young? Students interpret data and formulate hypotheses as they view slides featuring original artwork from the Museum of the Rockies and compare dinosaur nest eggs, teeth, gait and footprints. Each student makes a fossil project to take home.

NGSS Learning Standards: P-LS1-1, P-LS1-2; K-ESS3-1; 2-ESS1-1; 3-LS2-1, 3-LS4-1, 3-LS4-3, 3-LS4-4; 4-ESS1-1; MS-LS4-1, MS-LS4-2


Meteorology - Storm Watch

All students will explore the adventures of weather by handling weather instruments. Learn how clouds form and the weather they predict, watch a tornado spin, and make an anemometer to take home. Grade 4 and up will also track a hurricane by plotting latitude and longitude, wind speed and direction, and predicting the pattern of the storm.

NGSS Learning Standards: P-ESS2-1; K-ESS2-1, K-ESS3-2; 3-ESS2-1, 3-ESS3-1; 5-ESS2-1; MS-ESS2-5, MS-ESS3-2


Lunar Explorer

Students recreate and explore the phases of the moon and make their own chart from new moon to full moon.

NGSS Learning Standards: P-ESS1-1; 1-ESS1-1; 5-ESS1-2; MS-ESS1-1


Rock Cycle

Students, working in groups, explore the amazing geological phenomena of the rock cycle. In a lab setting, participants hypothesize and conduct experiments examining the effects of earthquakes, erosion, volcanoes, plate tectonics and weather.

NGSS Learning Standards: 2-ESS1-1; 4-ESS1-1, 4-ESS2-1, 4-ESS2-2, 4-ESS3-2; 5-ESS2-1; MS-ESS2-3, MS-ESS2-1, MS-ESS3-1



In this inflatable planetarium, students explore the night sky and learn to recognize and name constellations ... Greek, Roman, or Native American stories are available. (Room requirements: 18’x24’, ceiling height 10 1/2’. An optional age-appropriate activity is available for an additional fee.)

NGSS Learning Standards: P-ESS1-1; 1-ESS1-1; 5-ESS1-1, 5-ESS1-2; MS-ESS1-1


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