Current Exhibits

Leonardo da Vinci Models:

An Interactive, Augmented Reality Experience

Interactive da Vinci Cropped For Email.jpg

Experience invention in a whole new way

An interactive exhibition that comes to life right before your eyes.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Sandbox Cropped For Email.jpg

Create your own landscape

Dig, pile, and tunnel your own topographic landscape. Make it rain and create seas, ponds and lakes.

Virtual Reality

VR Cropped.jpg

Explore new realities

Swim with manatees, hang with dinosaurs, soar through space and time. Our Virtual Reality experience allows you to choose your own adventure.

Illumination Station

Illumination Station 2 Cropped For Email.jpg

Design with color and light

Think big with our giant light box. The creative possibilities are endless while learning about spectrum.

Magnetic Wall

Magnetic Wall Cropped.jpg

Learn about gravity

Force and energy too! The movable ramps, cups, and gutters make for endless possibilities.

3D Coloring

AR Drawing Dino Cropped For Email.jpg

Make art come to life

Color your favorite landscape and watch as your artwork walks around the page exploring the landscape you have made.

3D Handheld Printers

3D Pens Dino Cropped For Email.jpg

Doodle in 3D

Your art takes on a whole new dimension with the handheld 3D drawing pens.

Engineering Zone

Keva Blocks Cropped For Email.jpg

Build your own creation

Bridges, benches, planes, trains, and more. Our new building sets allows you to create your own engineering feat or follow suggested models.