STEM Education is the Most Vital Corporate Investment.

In the last decade, STEM jobs have grown nearly three times faster than non-STEM jobs.  Despite the abundance of opportunities, few students see the power and possibility of STEM in their lives. We are working to shift the paradigm.

In order to maintain leadership in an innovative economy, the United States needs to keep pace with the increasing challenges of globalization and a knowledge-based economy.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills pervade every part of our lives. By exposing young people to STEM and the opportunity to explore STEM-related concepts, we can equip them to become tomorrow's leaders.

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Corporate Giving

Corporate Sponsorship is a vital part of the Long Island Science Center and an incredible community-building opportunity for any organization.  Our corporate partners nurture much-needed positive change by helping us deliver innovative, interactive, STEM learning programs that are transforming lives. 

Your giving supports every aspect of our organization: our exhibits, outreach programs, curriculum development, educator development, and more.  

Your organization can lend support through:

  • Financial contributions

  • Donation of goods/services

  • Corporate volunteer programs

  • Case studies

If your organization has a passion that extends beyond philanthropy, we are seeking organizations that are leaders in industry to help us link classroom learning with real-world STEM challenges and solutions. Business plays a key role in educating young people about the applicability of STEM.  Combining traditional teaching, technology and business provides students with the inspiration and context for developing their interests/abilities in the skills that are the foundations of the industrial and corporate world.  Challenge the stereotypes and nurture the next generation of future leaders!

The Long Island Science Center exists to prepare young people for the challenges of an evolving 21st century economy that is built on advanced technology and innovation. We ignite curiosity, fuel creativity and unlock the passion for problem-solving and discovery with programs and experiences designed to cultivate future leaders and engaged citizens.   

The time to begin to inspire and educate tomorrow's leaders is today. When you sponsor the Long Island Science Center, you become a trusted partner in developing new leaders in our community.  

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