Homeless Shelter STEAM Outreach Program

Homeless Shelter STEAM Outreach Campaign
The Long Island Science Center is beginning a campaign to provide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education for children residing in homeless shelters on Long Island. Thus far, two organizations have generously donated: Bemis Company Foundation and Rotary Club of Riverhead. These donations will provide STEAM education to more than 150 Long Island children.

There are countless children in Long Island communities that are currently residing in homeless shelters. These children and their families struggle to obtain basic necessities that many of us take for granted. Because of this, they often cannot afford to participate in STEAM programming, lowering the potential for them to develop a passion for the fastest growing and highest paid career opportunities in our nation. The Long Island Science Center is creating a two-part outreach program that will provide children residing in homeless shelters STEAM education enrichment.

  • The first part will establish a fund to allow children residing in homeless shelters to come to the Long Island Science Center at no cost. The Long Island Science Center found that teachers in schools with students who are living in shelters struggle to fund those students attending school field trips. Additionally, shelters with recreation supervisors are looking for no cost ways to offer field trips to their young residents.

  • The second part will provide no cost mobile STEAM programming within shelters around Long Island. This will allow the Long Island Science Center to go directly to the shelters to provide engaging, interactive STEAM programs for the children, and avoid transportation issues that shelters often have.

The Long Island Science Center has an overall goal of serving 1,000 students with this effort and is actively looking for additional partners.

The Long Island Science Center’s Riverhead location was made possible in part through the generous support of BNB Bank.

About the Long Island Science Center
HISTORY: Founded in 1990, the Long Island Science Center offers a wide array of STEM programming both to the public and to school groups. The current location offers 2,000 square feet of exhibition and classroom space, and is available for private rental. The museum staff travel all over Long Island to provide programming in schools and libraries, as well as for organized groups.

MISSION: The Long Island Science Center is a place where children and adults of all ages will experience the wonder and joy of discovery through interactive exhibits based upon fundamental principles of Mathematics, Science, and Technology.

The Long Island Science Center, in partnership with local corporations, historical societies, and professional societies, will develop exhibits and programs that showcase the rich history of technology, invention, and scientific advancement that has made Long Island a leading force in agriculture, commerce, and technology.

The Science Center experience is designed to stimulate and encourage a life-long interest in the sciences and promote science literacy in both children and adults.

About BNB Bank:
BNB Bank is one of New York’s fastest growing community banks on Long Island with 39 branches. Founded on the East End in 1910, the bank has a long history of focusing on the local community and supporting nonprofit organizations that enrich the neighborhoods, towns and villages in which they operate.

Casey Nevins