For more than 20 years, the Long Island Science Center has provided STEM curricula to more than 325,000 children.

Our STEM programs meet New York Next Generation Learning Standards, can be customized to meet unique requirements and are BOCES reimbursable. All programs can be conducted in both English and Spanish.

Our educators are passionate and experienced in inspiring the love of learning by stimulating discovery through demonstration, interaction, activities and fun.  We empower children to understand STEM as it relates to their day-to-day lives, future careers and the potential destiny of our planet. Children develop critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills through inquiry-based scientific methods in a lively, pressure-free environment.

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visit the long island science center

Bring your class/group/troupe for a STEM experience. Take a field trip to our facility/museum in Riverhead, NY. We would love to meet you!

1 1/2 hours at the museum

$12 per student (additional charges may apply)

Maximum - 50 students


Book a Mobile STEM Program

Let us come to you. Our educators will facilitate our STEM curricula at your facility.

1 hour sessions for up to 25 students

$275 - For the first session

$245 - For each additional session

Maximum - 25 students per session

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Science Residencies

We can provide multi-week, science residency programs at your school. An instructor will be assigned to your residency and come in each week to deliver a new lesson and activity in a series of programs. We can create a program that specifically meets your needs.

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We can provide a multi-week, after school STEM club at your school. Subjects can be tailored to your age group and needs. An instructor will be assigned to your club and come each week to provide a new, hands-on program for your students.